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Service fees and charges explained

Updated: Feb 11



Service fees and charges: 

Service fees and charges explained 


A Service fee, also called a service charge, refers to the fee collected to pay for services that relate to the service that is being purchased. Some of the costs associated with housekeeping service fees, can include the cost of cleaning supplies, labor, multiple cleaners, gas, platforms created to accept online payments, bonding and insurance. 


Service fees can vary from, but not limited to 20%-29% for commercial buildings, and 10%-25% for residential units. 


This fee will vary depending on the unit size, cleanliness, number of cleaners, location, gas consumption, credit card fees and supplies provided. Service fees are adjusted to fit each client's particular needs. This ensures fair fee charges, consistency and an easy overall cleaning experience. 


Charges are assessed For late fees after 72 hours of non payment or communication from any client. An additional $50 will be assessed every 72 hours thereafter.  


Entry method is discussed with every client at the time of the walkthrough. All door, garage and lockbox codes are saved in client files and only accessed by the Owner and Manager.  


We will not use the entry method provided to us without Confirmation. All clients will receive a text reminder the night prior or the morning of their scheduled appointment and a confirmation text back is required for us to gain entry. 


If we do not have access to your home/Unit at the time of your scheduled cleaning without prior notice a Charge will be assessed 50% of the cleaning price.  

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