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Quick touch guide for residents

Updated: Feb 11

Get to know your cleaners

Doing thorough research before your cleaning service comes to your home will help you understand how the company and cleaner operate. If you are wondering things like what products are used during the cleanings, it’s important to do your homework first. Check out Hummingbird cleaning services website and find out what we cover. It is also important to ensure the business has a cleaning checklist so you know what you are paying for during your cleaning sessions.

Declutter before the cleaners arrive

It's not fair, and a little unethical to task your house cleaner with figuring out how to organize your cluttered surfaces. To get more bang for your buck get organized before. Pick up toys, junk mail, loose change, and whatever else found its way to your counter tops prior to your cleaner arrive or maybe the night before. The less clutter you have around, the easier it’ll be for your house cleaner to focus on more important tasks, such as wiping down your baseboards and dusting vintage points throughout the home.

Clear Away Dirty Dishes and Food Messes

Unless specified, most house cleaners do not wash dishes or deal with food messes. Washing and putting away your dirty dishes is part of the decluttering process. This will make it much easier for your cleaning professionals to clean your sink and the surrounding areas.

Put your pets away

Good house cleaner etiquette means crating your animals and keeping your cats behind closed doors. Your animals could get in the way during a house cleaning, or follow the cleaners around causing the cleaning to take longer. Your house cleaner may also have allergies or phobias, so it’s best to be considerate by putting them up safely.

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