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How to treat your cleaner/ Cleaning services

"First and foremost the most amicable thing we can offer anybody is RESPECT." That goes both ways for the client and the professional cleaner on the job. I've heard many heartwarming stories from our cleaners but, equally we realize that not everything can be prefect even when we strive for the absolute best. There’s a lot of beautiful, kind people who understand this and use communication to ensure positive results during current or future cleanings.

Why is mutual respect is important in the cleaning industry?

Promoting mutual respect will help with reducing workplace stress, conflict, misunderstandings and other unintended problems. Increasing workplace respect will help to improve communication between colleagues, increase teamwork ethics and reduce stress as peace in the workplace escalate. Increase productivity, knowledge and understanding.

However, I would like to take a moment and explain the boundaries of respect for your cleaner or cleaning team, so the end results in clean you are satisfied with. I'm sure any cleaning company you come across will most likely want to do a good job, the first time, instead of having to return and touch up something that could have been done the first time. But.... when are human still!


Practice respecting your cleaner by the following:

  1. Practice respecting your Cleaner by picking up clutter before they arrive.

  2. Please reframe leaving used feminine products, condoms, vibrators, drugs and other highly personal items laying around. Because…it's not nice.

  3. Get dressed before your cleaners arrive, it’s could be very uncomfortable for your Cleaner and yourself.

  4. Don't forget about your appointment, don’t send the cleaners away or lock them out.

  5. As Cleaner we relies on their daily earnings. We always do our best to find a new client at the event of late cancellation or lockout but sometimes we are not able to find anyone and we lose out on full or half-day pay. In this case we have to charge a $100 late cancellation fee or a full cleaning fee.

  6. Respect by paying your Cleaner on time.

  7. Try not to talk down to your cleaners - "They are people. Just like you are. Don’t treat them like a robot that has no feelings, instead explain what you would like seen done so correction can be made for your satisfaction."

  8. Respect by tipping them if you like their work. Tips are split evenly at the end of day.

  9. Tip are not included in our prices. It’s also not required. It’s just appreciated. If your not big on tipping, then my advise would be start with tipping just one cleaner who's work you truly appreciate.

  10. Respect by giving them space to work.

  11. Don’t schedule a cleaning on a day when your whole family is home. If you’re home during the clean, try to stay in a room that we can cleaned first so were not constantly moving you around to clean up. Definitely do not come into the kitchen to make a quick snack while the kitchen is being cleaned.

  12. Don’t come pointing out things that you’re not happy with until we are finished with that room. We really appreciate the feedback and we are willing to re-clean and make things right but having you standing right there all day is very stressful.

  13. That’s it. Oh, and if this is too much information then just remember, make your cleaner feel as comfortable and appreciated as possible. This way the results of your clean will be much better, your cleaner will not rush to get out of there and he/she will be glad to work with you again should you request us.

~And yes, we do get to choose who we work with!!


Four Major characteristics of a small business? Characteristics of Small Scale Industries-

  • Ownership: They have a single owner...

  • Management: All the management works are controlled by the owner.

  • Limited Reach: They have restricted area of operation...

  • Labor Intensive: Their dependency on technology is very little because they are dependent on labor hours and manpower.

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