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The Positive Benefits of Tipping

It's important to look beyond the concept of "that's what I'm paying for," and instead consider what you're receiving from the service and what the person has done to perform it.


The Science behind giving:

  1. Science supports that there are all kinds of benefits acclimated with the act of giving.

  2. According to an article published by the Association for Psychological Science, taking care of others not only boosts health and well-being, but it also appears to increase positive emotions and reduce stress in givers.

  3. Acts of kindness increase levels of certain brain neurotransmitters and hormones associated with feeling good.

  4. Kindness can also boost the body's immune response and are associated with greater self-esteem and less depression.

  5. There are many other ways to express gratitude, and tipping is one of them.

Why do tips matter?

  1. Tipping has a positive impact on both the giver and receiver.

  2. Deliberate acts of kindness can help build, connect and cultivate an overall feeling of engagement and helpfulness.

  3. In effect, it makes us feel good. And in the process, can also help restore someone else's optimism and sense of goodwill.

  4. Going the extra mile to acknowledge a job well done has become especially important in the pandemic

  5. Tipping goes beyond an act of civility; it goes into an act of appreciation.

Feel good about tipping

  1. Social science research shows that people who think about things they are grateful for and express more gratitude tend to be happier and more satisfied with their lives.

  2. The feel good effect: We feel good about ourselves when we give to promote better and do positive deeds for other people.

  3. Counted among those positive deeds is tipping someone or offering a gratuity.

  4. Many people who tip are rewarded with the sense of pleasure over having done something to contribute.


"We need to stop and give recognition and tips or kudos. These are all ways that we can spread civility and gratitude."

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