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New year, Fresh Start - Changes to company 2022

Updated: Feb 11

We, Hummingbird cleaning Services (HBCS), are very pleased with all the encouragement, and support from our valued clients this past year. HBCS has taken the time to review the feedback from our local communities, and we are constantly striving to improve. We will be implementing new terms and conditions to ensure proficiency for all of our clients moving into the new year 2022.

We respect all our clients and understand each home requires a different level of attention to detail. This year the company will be expanding to help accommodate the increased demand for proper professional cleaning services. As many know, we are currently still functioning as small business, so some changes need be implemented so the company can offer better services to all of our valued clients.

Below are some of the changes that will come into full affect January 15, 2022.

These changes are to ensure we keep up with requests made by our customers.

1. Service fees will be increased across the board for all cleaning provided

2. Clients are required to pay for their cleaning at the beginning of the month to reserve there cleaning dates.

3. Clients are required to pay at the end of each cleaning ( Normally for one-time cleanings)

4. Clients on a consistent cleaning schedule are now required to get a deep cleaning at least every 6 months

5. All clients are required to review the terms and condition policy on the website.

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