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Maintenance Cleanings

Updated: Feb 11

Weekly, BI- Weekly or Monthly

Here at Hummingbird cleaning services we try to accommodate each client to there individual needs. With that said, being in business for over 7 years now, we have become acclimated to what the people expect from there cleaning company. So we vamped up our communication efforts to make sure everybody who works with us gets a exciting and tedious clean.

Below is the list for people who inquire about what's done during our cleaning phases.


All surfaces sanitized and wiped

Shower & Bathtub


Sink & Faucets Shined

Wiping Light Fixtures

Clearing Cobwebs

Light Switches Wiped

Floors Cleaned

Trash Emptied

Rugs Shaken Out


Counters Sanitized and Wiped

Stove top Wiped (Grates Not Included)

Stove Hood Wiped

Backsplash Wiped

Inside of Microwave Wiped

Outside of Dishwasher Wiped

Outside of Refrigerator Wiped

Outside of Cabinets Wiped

Sink Cleaned and Sanitized

Light Switches Wiped

Floors Vacuumed and Mopped

Baseboards Wiped

Sliding Glass Doors Cleaned Inside

Trash Emptied

Common Areas & Bedrooms

Dusting of Cobwebs

Baseboards Wiped

Door Frames Wiped

Light Switches

Ceiling Fans Dusted

Flat Surfaces & Built in Shelves Wiped

Mirrors Cleaned

Carpets Vacuumed

Hardwood Floor Vacuumed and Mopped

Outside of Washer and Dryer Wiped

Trash & Recycling Emptied

(For an added fee)

Light Dusting of Blinds

Inside of Windows tracks

Making Beds (More than one bed)

Putting Laundry in Washing Machine/Dryer (Airbnb ONLY)

Folding Laundry (Airbnb ONLY)

Picking Up Clutter (toys, clothes, dishes etc.)



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