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Hummingbird Cleaning Services - Product List

Updated: Feb 11

Hummingbird cleaning services offers nothing but the best when it comes to our product list. For more than 7 years, Hummingbird has developed a wall to wall approach to house cleaning and we understand which cleaning products can make the biggest difference.

Sometimes we will rotate and try new products to see how they compare. Here are the main four chemicals we carry on the normal bases.



Disinfecting with Original Pine-Sol® destroys or inactivates both the bacteria and the viruses identified on the product’s label (like Influenza A and SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19) on hard, nonporous surfaces, when used as directed.

  • Kills COVID-19 virus*

  • Disinfects and kills 99.9% of germs†

  • #1 pine-scented dilatable cleaner

  • Powerfully cleans

  • Deodorizes and has a clean, fresh scent

  • Longer-lasting scent

  • Even stronger on bathroom soils (soap scum, rust and hard water)

2.) Gonzo Natural Magic Disinfectant Deodorizer & Cleaner, Lavender

Take charge of everyday odor control whether on surfaces, fabrics, or in the air with the Gonzo Natural Magic Liquid Odor Eliminator. This air freshener and deodorizer leaves a light, fresh nature-inspired scent to help eliminate odors anywhere they occur. You don’t need to dilute it with water, and it works on everything from furniture to clothes, upholstery, carpets, pet bedding, and even hard surfaces. To freshen the air, add to a spray bottle and use in pet areas, bathrooms, kitchens, and anywhere in your home where you want a boost of scented freshness. You can deodorize even hard surfaces such as countertops and floors near pet areas, by simply wetting a washcloth or sponge with the liquid, wiping, and just allowing to air dry, eliminating odors without scrubbing. The odor-combating formula is available in lavender and eucalyptus scents.

3.) Home Pro- Mr. Clean Meadows and Rain Scent Multi-Surface Liquid Cleaner with Febreze Freshness

Liquid Cleaner Febreze Meadows and Rain not only smells good, but has the power you're looking for in an all-purpose cleaner. Eliminate odors and grime with the scent of a fresh spring rain. Inside, its great for linoleum, tile, toilets and bathtubs.

Outside, use it for siding, garbage cans, doors and more. The quick clean and fresh scent you'll get with this multi-purpose cleaner is almost as refreshing as the time it frees up.

4.) MRS. MEYER'S Multi-Surface Concentrate

This formula uses healthy, plant-based ingredients to blast away dirt and grime from pretty much any non-porous surface inside or outside of your home. Plus, this concentrate is extra powerful and lasts longer because you dilute it (versus conventional spray cleaners, which sometimes charge you for water).This super-concentrated cleaning formula is made with plant-based ingredients that are at least 98-percent naturally derived. The essential oils are also plant-based and leave behind a soothing aroma that’ll tickle your senses. Plus, Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Concentrate is cruelty-free and biodegradable.

In addition, we also carry these items to ensure a complete clean when necessary:

  • Vacuum

  • Bucket

  • Broom

  • All-purpose cleaner

  • Oven cleaner

  • Stainless steel cleaner

  • Scrubbing sponge

  • Microfiber cloths

  • Warm water mixed with a basic dishwashing soap (for stone countertops)

  • Baking soda

  • White vinegar

  • A few lemons

  • Toilet brush

  • Grout and tile cleaner

  • Grout brush

  • All-purpose cleaner

  • Glass cleaner

  • Lint roller

  • Dust Pan

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