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Let’s Keep the Cleaning Professionals Safe & Healthy

Here at Hummingbird Cleaning Services, we are implementing a variety of new cleaning and administrative policies. We are installing CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of our cleaners and our valuable clients.

Consider Leaving Your House While We Are Cleaning!

For the safety of all our cleaning professionals and clients, we ask that you please observe exaggerated social distancing while we are cleaning for you.

If you cannot leave your house while we are cleaning, then please do your best to rotate around, and stay out of the rooms we are cleaning.

In addition, our professional cleaners must wear face coverings and hand sanitizer prior to entering any resident home. As a extra precaution cleaning professionals are required to wash their hands upon arrival, during the cleaning, and when all completed.


Sterilizing Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

No cleaning cloth will be used in more than one room or more than one surface type within a room. While that is standard operating procedure, we have taken extra steps to ensure that the cleaning cloths used in your home are sterile.

We’ve tripled the number of cleaning cloths issued to the team daily. While we are now double washing all cleaning cloths: Once in hot water, bleach and detergent & Second in hot water and detergent with an extra rinse cycle.


Bottom line: "The cleaning cloths we bring to your home will be super-cleaned and sanitized."

"It is important to client safety that cleaning and disinfecting be done at the right time."

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